HENKiSH.COMPosted by HENKiSH Mon, June 24, 2019 13:08:18
New week - new problems.

Or new week - I don't give a fuck...
Yes, that felt more real to write...

The sun ☀ is shining but still, doesn't like this Country (🇸🇪)
At All.

Well, I don't like the average Swedish persons ideology and thinking.
Everyone follows these "unwritten rules" what's ok and what's not due to a unwritten rule of course.

This difference explain this country pretty good. Take Spain 🇪🇸 for example.

In Spain 🇪🇸 you work to live.

In Sweden 🇸🇪 you live to work.

If you understand that then you understand.

Felt more like home in Spain then it does in Sweden..

Gotta move - have no kids, no job, nothing that holding me here, im 34 years old, I'm in my best shape ever, shape i mean mentally and Narcotics.

It's now when i have no other responsibility then myself I should enjoy life no mather what that takes to accomplish..

I know now I have other options that I didn't think of before 💯👍

We'll see whathappens,, the only thing that is for sure is that I've a sentence to sit off. So not much to loose

pz out.


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